taught by Ferran Blasco
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Ferran Blasco
Ferran Blasco

About the Instructor

Ferran Blasco-Aguasca, R.Ac.
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Yo San University, Los Angeles)

Ferran Blasco-Aguasca is a practitioner of natural medicine, specializing in acupuncture and Biotherapeutic Drainage. Besides having a full time clinical practice in Rochester, Michigan, he is a student and practitioner of the energetic arts. He has an extensive background on meditation and pilgrimage to sacred sites.

He has studied meditation, internal alchemy, and Western and Eastern spirituality for more than two decades under the guidance of some great teachers like Juan Li, Mark Dyczkowski, Garchen Rinpoche and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

He has also studied Zahori Art, Geobiology and Sacred Geometry with Juan Sáez, Dominique Susani, and Raymond Montercy, while teaching, researching and working in Europe, USA, Asia and South America.

He is the co-author of “Where Heaven and Earth Unite”.

To see his full biography and more information about clinical practice and other activities visit: rochesteracupuncture.us

Contact information:

126 East Third Street, Suite A
Rochester, Michigan 48307
phone: (248) 841-1570

“You are the light of this world. Let it shine”
~ Matthew 6:4

Welcome to "The Joy of Meditation"

Your birthright is an extraordinary life of boundless joy, wellbeing, love, abundance, and wisdom. Regardless of what is going on right now, you are an expression of divine perfection and have within the seed of unlimited potential, worldly fulfilment and spiritual awakening. That Joy of Being, is available to you, here and now, it can’t be hidden. You are the light of this world.

In “The Joy of Meditation” you will learn to connect with that potential in a simple, structured and sequential way.

This program is for you if you want to learn how to meditate and gain all the benefits of meditation in a simple, structured and sequential way. You will receive the knowledge and tools to have a transformative and enjoyable meditation practice.

By learning how to meditate you can:

  • Connect with the source of creativity and joy.
  • Quickly attain a state of calmness and optimism.
  • Balance your emotions, reduce stress and overcome anxiety.
  • Improve your health and develop wellbeing.
  • Connect with a sense of true abundance and fulfillment.
  • Understand your life purpose and personal path.
  • Improve you relations, release trauma and accomplish personal goals.
  • Contribute to world peace and healing the Earth.

In "The Joy of Meditation - Foundations" module you will learn:

  • To tap into the Joy of Being, now.
  • The success formula: Pure Motivation, perfect practice, and pure dedication.
  • The levels of posture and the Three Stabilities.
  • The foundation techniques and use of supports.
  • How to organize a meditation session.
  • How to create a personal daily practice.
  • To use aspiration and offering prayers to enhance your practice.
  • To enjoy daily life as a meditation of beauty.

“The Joy of Meditation” includes:

  • 5 teaching sessions (Live recorded sessions with online access)
  • 12 hours of personal practice.
  • Suggested reading, reflections and written exercises.
  • Instructions for 1 - 2 days meditation personal retreat.
  • Additional resources with videos for self-massage, rejuvenating healing set of movement, five elements healing sounds practice and meal and incense offering practices.
  • Forum and personal email attention for questions.

“The Joy of Meditation - Foundations
is the starting module for a 12-month meditation program that includes:

  • Group teachings and practices to explain the instructions.
  • Daily personal guided practices to progress along the path.
  • Reading suggestions and reflections to include meditation in your daily life.
  • Personal and group retreats to deepen the experience of meditation.

The 12-month program is divided in five sequential modules. Participants must complete them in order to fully benefit from the program. Modules can be repeated as many times as desired before moving into the next levels.

After completing the Foundations module and 12 hours of personal practice, you graduate to the next level – Module II – “The Three Treasures” – 8 week course.

Besides the online program, upcoming retreats locations include Arizona, California, Spain, Iceland, Northern India and Bhutan. Also local classes and retreats in Rochester, Michigan.


Course Contents

25 Videos
21 Texts
15 PDFs
10 Audios
25.0 hrs

Course Curriculum